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nettle cordial

Nettle Cordial Recipe (and a Bonus Cocktail)

Many foragers appreciate stinging nettles as mild-flavored, nutritious, spring greens. We use them in pasta, stews, and soups. But not everyone realizes that stinging nettles can also make a tasty wild beverage. Stinging nettle cordial is a refreshing herbal drink that can be enjoyed on its own or in a flavorful adult beverage. Read more

an elderflower - wineberry wildcrafted cocktail

Happy Birthday Leda: A Wildcrafted Wineberry Cocktail Recipe

Wineberry season happens to coincide with the birthday of a very dear friend, so I named this wildcrafted cocktail after her. It combines the vivid beauty and flavor of wineberries (fresh or frozen) with the more delicate color and taste of elderflowers. Finish it off with your favorite clear spirit. Mine is The Botanist Gin. Read more

pineapple weed liqueur

Pineapple Weed Liqueur: a Toast to Summer

What can I say about this silky, golden liqueur? That it tastes like summer? That it’s easily made from a common weed that grows from the Arctic Circle to Baja California? That mixed with prossecco it’s the perfect summer aperitif, and poured straight over a single ice cube it’s delicious enough to be dessert? All of these things are true about pineapple weed liqueur. Read more