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How to Make Your Own Foraged Spice Cabinet

When it’s time for me to cook or bake something really special, I look through my foraged spice cabinet. I don’t do this for just anybody. Foraged herbs and spices take time and effort to gather, and I only use them when I’m cooking for someone I think will appreciate their specialness. Read more

Use melilot for its vanilla flavor.

Melilot, aka Sweet Clover, aka Melilotus sp.

Don’t be fooled by the common name of this plant. This is not the low-growing clover you find in your lawn with round pink or white flowers. Melilot is a tough, drought tolerant, biennial plant that can grow to be four feet tall. It’s a common roadside weed that thrives in dry, neglected spaces. Melilotus officinalis has yellow flowers and M. albus has white flowers. There is some question as to whether these are actually two separate species or varieties of the same species. I happily use both and find the flavors to be identical. Read more