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How to Make Your Own Foraged Spice Cabinet

When it’s time for me to cook or bake something really special, I look through my foraged spice cabinet. I don’t do this for just anybody. Foraged herbs and spices take time and effort to gather, and I only use them when I’m cooking for someone I think will appreciate their specialness. Read more

Foraged Za’atar: A Savory Spice Blend

The word za’atar has two different culinary meanings. It’s the common name for Origanum syriacum, a plant native to the Middle East (related to common oregano), and it’s also a blend of several spices including O. syriacum, sumac, and salt. Every year in late summer, when my local sumac is at its tart and tasty best, I make a big batch of za’atar blend. My cooking would be much less interesting without it. Read more