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pineapple weed custard

Pineapple Weed Custard Recipe

I have learned a lot about egg custards since yesterday morning. It’s been rainy in PA, so I’ve been in the kitchen rather than out in the field. My pal Leda makes a gorgeous pineapple weed flan, but I opted for custard because: 1) flan scares me (I have since confronted that fear, but that’s another post); 2) I wanted to use pineapple weed syrup as a topping, instead of caramel sauce; and 3) I had milk in the house but no cream. This silky smooth, pineapple weed custard makes a perfect summer dessert:  Read more

pineapple weed liqueur

Pineapple Weed Liqueur: a Toast to Summer

What can I say about this silky, golden liqueur? That it tastes like summer? That it’s easily made from a common weed that grows from the Arctic Circle to Baja California? That mixed with prossecco it’s the perfect summer aperitif, and poured straight over a single ice cube it’s delicious enough to be dessert? All of these things are true about pineapple weed liqueur. Read more