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Jerusalem artichoke fritters

Jerusalem Artichoke Fritters: Recipe

Is it a fritter? Is it a pancake? It doesn’t matter! The important thing is that the flavor is superb, and that’s what you’re here for, right? These Jerusalem artichoke fritters combine the silky texture of sunchokes with the unbeatable umami of mushroom powder to make an irresistible side dish. Bonus: it’s low on the glycemic index, and therefore a healthier carb choice for people with blood sugar issues. Read more

sunchoke soufflée

Sunchoke Soufflée Recipe

This sunchoke soufflée is the first soufflée I have ever made, and it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I expected it to be. I’ve always been intimidated by the idea of a soufflée, but this has emboldened me, and I suspect there will be more foraged soufflées in my future. Not only because it was easy, but also because Michael could not get enough; he LOVED this dish. Read more

Jerusalem artichoke cake

Jerusalem Artichoke Cake Recipe

I had a large sunchoke harvest this year, so I’ve been experimenting with lots of different recipes. This Jerusalem artichoke cake is one of my favorites. Poor Michael had to eat three versions of it as I perfected the recipe. Happily, I am finally satisfied, and can spare you all that extra, unecessary cake eating.  Read more