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oxeye daisy foliage

Oxeye Daisy (aka Leucanthemum vulgare)

Is it a weed? Is it a pretty garden flower? In my book, oxeye daisy is an attractive perennial, with tasty leaves, edible flowers, and (I’ll admit it) an aggressive growth habit. If you’re someone who needs to tightly control every plant in your garden, oxeye daisy isn’t for you. But if you appreciate a free-form, natural landscape, why not let a few oxeye daisies naturalize in your yard? You can add the leaves and petals to salads, and use the leaves in mixed greens recipes where their flavor adds a unique peppery, lemony note. Read more

Wild Garlic (aka field garlic, aka Allium vineale)

Some people call it wild garlic, some people call it field garlic. Whatever you call it, Allium vineale is a strong and flavorful vegetable. The flavor and appearance actually resemble those of onion more than garlic. Unmowed, it grows to be twelve to eighteen inches tall, with hollow gray-green leaves emerging from a single bulb, between one and two centimeters in diameter. Read more