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concord grape mousse

Concord Grape Mousse Recipe

This Concord grape mousse is an excellent late-summer, early-fall dessert, capturing the full, rich flavor of ripe grapes in a light and fluffy mousse. And while it’s made with gelatin, I hesitate to call it jello, because when most of us hear the word jello, we remember bright green, jiggling molds filled with mandarin orange slices. This is definitely not that. This is a creamy, fruity, sophisticated dessert for grape lovers of all ages. Read more

Use unripe grapes to make a lemon juice substitute.

Verjuice: How to Make A Local Lemon Juice Substitute

What would we do without lemon juice? It’s an essential ingredient in both cooking and mixology, two of my favorite activities. Unfortunately, many of us can’t forage for lemons. Fortunately, those of us who don’t live in citrus-friendly climates, can probably forage for wild grapes, and the juice of unripe grapes makes an excellent lemon juice substitute called verjuice. Read more