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Wild Christmas Cookies: a Recipe Round-Up

With less than two weeks before Christmas, there’s still plenty of time to make some wild Christmas cookies, whether you plan to leave them out for Santa, or to eat them all by your lonesome. Here are some of my favorites, each with a different wild ingredient.

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spruce tip shortbread cookies

Spruce Tip Shortbread Cookies: Recipe

Spruce tip shortbread cookies make a great holiday treat. There’s no reason not to make these cookies year ’round, but I think there’s something especially wintery about evergreens, don’t you? You’ll be surprised by the bright, almost lemony flavor spruce tips add to this cookie. It’s the perfect counterbalance to the rich, buttery shortbread. Many evergreens have edible parts, including pine, spruce, fir, and hemlock. If spruce doesn’t grow near you, substitute one of these other evergreens. Read more

foraged macarons

Foraged Macarons (with Spicebush Berries & Crabapple Filling)

So I’m going to a holiday party tomorrow. It’s a pot luck and we’ve been assigned food groups based on the alphabet; I’ve been asked to bring something sweet. These are FOOD PEOPLE, so of course I want to impress them. And also of course, I want to bring something foraged, because that’s how I roll. But it has to travel well, I have to be able to make 25 of them, and it can’t melt (the party is an hour away). Read more