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Almond Joy cocktail, made with homemade noyaux

The Almond Joy: a Noyaux Cocktail

This was a killer year for stone fruit in Santa Fe, and I harvested loads of apricots, plums, nectarines, and peaches. After making jams, jellies, chutneys, salsas, and dried fruit, I was left with a big pile of pits, so I shoved them in the freezer, thinking there MUST be something I could do with them.

Did you know that almond extract is NOT made from almonds? It’s the apricot kernels inside the pits that give almond extract its flavor, so I decided to infuse some booze with my apricot kernels. Thus was born a new cocktail: The Almond Joy. It’s a spirit forward, slightly sweet adult beverage, named after one of my favorite candy bars.  Read more

black walnut and carob dessert bar

Black Walnut and Carob Dessert Bar

I don’t call this a brownie because then you’d expect a deeply chocolate treat and you might be disappointed. (Life and dessert are all about managing expectations.) Carob is NOT a chocolate substitute and anyone who tells you otherwise is a big, fat liar. At the risk of sounding heretical: chocolate isn’t the only worthy dessert flavor out there. Carob has a lighter flavor than chocolate, and it’s naturally sweet. Strongly-flavored black walnuts add richness and depth.  Read more