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acorn sweet bread

Dr. Nadia’s Acorn Sweet Bread Recipe

This is not my recipe. I got it from Dr. Nadia Navarrete-Tindall. Nadia took my wild syrups class at the Midwest Harvest Festival, last year in Prairie du Chien, WI. She is a native plant educator and consultant living in Columbia, Missouri, and last November I read an article she wrote about acorns in the Jefferson City, MO News Tribune. At the end of the article, Nadia referred to a recipe for a Salvadoran quesadilla made with acorn flour. She said that unlike the Mexican quesadilla, a Salvadoran quesadilla is actually a sweet bread or cake. She added that if anyone were interested in the recipe, she’d send it to them. Read more

Jerusalem artichoke cake

Jerusalem Artichoke Cake Recipe

I had a large sunchoke harvest this year, so I’ve been experimenting with lots of different recipes. This Jerusalem artichoke cake is one of my favorites. Poor Michael had to eat three versions of it as I perfected the recipe. Happily, I am finally satisfied, and can spare you all that extra, unecessary cake eating.  Read more

Crabapple Whisky Cake

Crabapple Whisky Cake Recipe

Crabapple sauce isn’t just an excellent side dish for pork or a healthy foraged dessert. It’s also the base for this moist, dense, fruity, drunken dessert: crabapple whisky cake. You can make it in a 9″ tube or bundt pan, or in several, smaller pans. This recipe freezes well, so I often make several smaller cakes, and stash a few in the freezer for when I’m sad and lonely. Or just hungry. Read more