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burdock flower stalks

Burdock Flower Stalks (aka Arctium lappa)

You’ve probably walked past burdock many times, wondering, “What is that GIANT plant?!” It’s a common roadside weed of impressive proportions: leaves can be 24 inches long, flower stalks may be five feet tall, and the root reaches two or three feet in length. It’s not bad looking, it’s a well known medicinal plant, and several parts are edible. Yet we still consider it a weed. Go figure. Read more

burdock flower stalk fritters

Burdock Flower Stalk Fritters: Recipe

I love cheese and cream as much as the next forager, but I don’t smother my foraged harvest in them. I’d rather showcase the unique flavor of each wild ingredient with the simplest possible preparation. Burdock flower stalks have a lovely flavor, often compared to that of artichokes or cardoons. This recipe for burdock flower stalk fritters is adapted from a recipe that uses artichokes. It really lets the flavor of the burdock shine.  Read more