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chokecherry bounce

Chokecherry Bounce: a Rye Cocktail

What exactly is a bounce? Rumor has it that cherry bounce was one of George Washington’s favorite tipples, and Martha’s recipe for the beverage survives to this day. In this foraged version, I’ve substituted chokecherries for cultivated cherries, and rye for the more traditional brandy. And while many bounce recipes are heavily spiced with cloves, …

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Cattail Flowers

One of the first things every forager learns is that Euell Gibbons described cattails as “the supermarket of the swamp.” It’s true, cattails have multiple, very tasty edible parts. (And they often grow in water, if not actual swamps.) I call the cattail an edible superstar, and of all its tasty parts, the immature male …

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