Meet Ellen

Blogger, Author, Speaker

Hi! Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad to meet you. This feels a little awkward, but I’m supposed to tell you something about myself here…just enough to let you know you can trust me and make you want to come back for more. Here goes:

I’m a Harvard graduate and the author of six books including Backyard Foraging: 65 Familiar Plants You Didn’t Know You Could Eat, Orchid Growing for Wimps, and Growing Healthy Houseplants. My next book, The Wildcrafted Cocktail, will be out in May, 2017. I work with RemyUSA, teaching foraging mixology workshops across the US, and I wrote the foraging content for I’m also the Senior Advisor for New England for Garden Compass (the # 1 rated iTunes gardening app).Ellen Zachos, speakerI love to teach. I lecture at botanic gardens, flower shows, and for garden clubs around the world. I have a background in show business, which taught me how to engage an audience, and I combine that with years of practical experience and plenty of book learning. This gives me a unique and entertaining approach to teaching. A long-time instructor at the New York Botanical Garden, I have recently moved to Santa Fe, NM. Now I split my time between the desert southwest and the lush northeast. It’s quite a contrast botanically speaking, and one that keeps me learning new plants as well as new ways to eat them.