A Flock of Foragers

Last month I spent a week on Islay, one of the Inner Hebrides islands off the west coast of Scotland. Some of you may know that I teach foraged mixology workshops for RemyUSA, owners of The Botanist gin. When Remy asked if I’d be interested in going to an international foragers’ summit on Islay, where …

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How Much Do You Want It?

How badly do I want those linden flowers? How delicious is that cattail pollen? Will that branch hold my weight while I reach for those oyster mushrooms? Am I going to run into mama bear and her four cubs in the blueberry patch? Do I really need those elderberries? Maybe you don’t ask yourself these …

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I Am a Forager

I am a forager. As I whiz down the highway (I’m not telling how fast) I want to stop every time I see the flat, white umbels of elderflowers or the rich, red cones of sumac berries. The saturated yellow of cattail pollen makes me swerve to the shoulder and pull out my waterproof boots.

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