Rose Petal Panna Cotta Recipe

I do not consider myself the most creative cook among my foraging friends. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very good. But I have wild food pals who are freakin’ geniuses. (Yes, Butter, I’m talking about you.) But THIS time, with THIS recipe, I am pretty damned pleased with myself. I kind of wish I could …

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Rose Petal Syrup: Recipe

Only a deeply fragrant rose is worth using in syrup. The blandly sweet is of no interest to me. But the strongly spicy flower petals of Rosa multiflora make a lovely, tea-colored syrup, suitable for using in cocktails, as a base for sorbet or ice cream, or to lightly drizzle over a jiggly panna cotta …

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Mallow Meringue Recipe

I enjoy surprising friend with foraged foods, and nothing I’ve made has surprised people more than this sweet, light, meringue cookie, made from the seeds of a common weed. I won’t lie, this is a labor-intensive recipe. But it’s totally worth doing, not only for the flavor and surprise factors, but also because the transformation …

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All About Stinging Nettles

The Nettle Plant Before I ever saw a nettle, I felt its sting. I was walking through a grassy field with sandals on, and felt a sharp sting I thought might be a yellow jacket or red ant. When I looked down I saw an unobtrusive plant, whose stems were covered with slim, innocent looking …

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at 10,199 feet

Nettles in New Mexico

When I moved from the temperate rain forest of NE PA to the high desert of NM, I knew foraging would be more challenging. I’ve discovered some delicious things that grow in this climate, but after more than two years, I hadn’t found nettles. Until Sunday.

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Elderflower champagne tastes like spring!

Elderflower Champagne Recipe

Spring is for elderflowers, and these blooms are good for a lot more than flower arrangements. As pretty as they are, the thing I like most about elderflowers is making elderflower champagne. The magic ingredient is the natural yeast in elderflower pollen. This allows for fermentation without adding packaged yeast.

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